Wine Charmed Life

Cooking with my Pocket Chef

Working with Chef Nanette Smalley has been an absolute blast. Some lucky winemakers have taken advantage of her skills and our collaborative wine pairing recipe brainstorming. There will be more details coming. read more

Dread Knight

Birthday Toasts

Today is Sir Dread’s birthday! So we started with a lazy breakfast on the deck, followed by a simple lunch in the cellar. Now we’re at one of our fave wineries, tasting a happy 21st birthday (wink, wink). Wish him … read more

Central Coast Adventures

A Rose by any other name

Yesterday, the Cheeky Monkey and I went to Monterrey County to taste a new winery and a very rare grape. We ended up on a great adventure and day. We went to visit Michael and Rose who live on the … Drink up